Jun 122014

Lighthouse Steps – Finding One’s Way

EMDR supervision with individuals and groups

With Sandi Richman & Robin Logie.

Brunei Gallery, SOAS, Thornhaugh Street, Russell Square, London WC1H 0XG

10.00 am – 17.00 pm (registration from 9.30 am)


This hands-on practical workshop will link theories about clinical supervision with the specific roles of an EMDR supervisor.

We will start the day looking at our own experiences of being supervised, before experimenting with different ways of doing supervision in groups of three (supervisor, supervisee and observer).

The afternoon will be devoted to group supervision skills in which we will learn about varied ways of using the group to enhance the effectiveness of the supervision experience.

In addition, we will be looking at honing your supervision skills and making the very most of your supervision session, both for supervisor and supervisee/s.

Planning your supervision session from the start is so important and balancing the needs of supervisee and supervisee’s clients is a priority.

We will also be looking at managing ‘difficult’ supervisees! Continue reading »

Apr 172014

EMDR Association President-Elect Maeve Crawley in Consultants Day action

In anticipation of a fuller post in due course about a stimulating EMDR Europe Consultants catchup day in London on Saturday April 5, 2014, we had a fun and financially rewarding day that included HAP UK&I’s Annual General Meeting.

More than £2000 was raised for HAP’s work from the participants donations (the costs for the day were all covered by the EMDR Association), and HAP UK&I President Sian Morgan briefed the lunchtime AGM on the charity’s training activities this past year.

Perhaps most exciting has been the launch, in Istanbul and as reported in HAP’s last newsletter, of a detailed EMDR training programme for trauma specialists in the Middle East, including Syria and Iraq.


Dr Walid Abdulhamid briefing on the Middle East.

The London meeting was briefed on the course by UK-based psychiatrist and EMDR Accredited Practitioner Dr Walid Abdulhamid, who facilitated the Istanbul training in Arabic.

Click here for a Powerpoint Presentation shown on the day addressing questions often put to Consultants about the EMDR accreditation process.

And, as ever, if you’d like to know more or continue your financial support for HAP UK&I’s work, do contact us or use the PayPal donate button on the right.

Jan 232014

Saturday 5th April 2014

Brunei Gallery, SOAS, Thornhaugh Street, Russell Square, London WC1H 0XG

10.00 am – 17.00 pm (registration from 9.30 am)

(+ HAPUK AGM 1300-1400)

Accredited EMDR Consultants based in the UK and Ireland are warmly invited to a support and development day funded by the EMDR Association.

There is no formal cost for attending, but we ask those who wish to join the day to make a donation of £50 to HAPUK&I, of which 100% will be used to support HAP projects. Continue reading »

Dec 112013

Art_O_Malley.1[1]Ines Santos reports:

I attended this workshop by Art O’Malley because it was organised by HAP and their events are usually worthwhile, but to be honest I didn’t know anything about Art or his work.

I was not wrong – the workshop was indeed worthwhile.

The workshop was advertised as being about the latest EMDR research, which it wasn’t really, but once I’d adjusted my expectations I found it interesting, stimulating and clinically relevant, if at times surprising.

Art described with great attention to detail his individual approach to EMDR psychotherapy.

Bilateral Affective Reprocessing of Thoughts, or BART, is based on Art’s understanding of the neurophysiology of the brain and the body in general and how it reacts to danger and trauma. Continue reading »

Dec 102013

HAP Istanbul 2013 (2)Sian Morgan reports:

As our very successful EMDR training for therapists in post-war Bosnia settles into its second phase, HAPUK&I is delighted that, at last, we have been able to start an EMDR training programme for clinicians working around the Middle East.

At the end of November 2013, 30 mental health practitioners, a most gratifying half of them men, from Iraq, Syria  (including Damascus and Aleppo) from Libya, Egypt and from Jordan Turkey’s refugee camps attended a HAP UK & Ireland Part 1 EMDR Training in Istanbul delivered by Mona Zagrout, an EMDR Trainer from Palestine and Emre Konuk, EMDR Trainer in Turkey who generously provided his premises for training.

Four Palestinian Facilitators also contributed, and the training was coordinated in the UK by Dr Walid Abdulhamid, a psychiatrist and EMDR Accredited Practitioner. Walid made an enormous contribution to the course, liaising with participants in Arabic. Continue reading »

Dec 052013

Sally Worthing-Davies writes:

It has been my pleasure and privilege to be the voluntary Supervisor of an EMDR therapist, Semsa Ahmetspahic, in Bosnia, for the past the past year and a half.

Recently, Maeve Crowley wrote to Semsa: “It is with great pleasure that I inform you that the Accreditation Committee supported your application and recommended ratification by the EMDR UK & Ireland Board. This has now been agreed and formally accepted. Many congratulations. From this point you are now an EMDR Europe Accredited Practitioner.”

Sian Morgan, who has been in Bosnia with Semsa, wrote to me, “She really is a very competent practitioner and has a really good knowledge of AIP and the protocol. This is evident in her contributions to the training in Bosnia.

“I am hopeful that she will continue to Consultancy level and would like her to start facilitating at our future trainings in Bosnia. Let me know if you are willing to continue with her to consultancy. Obviously this requires further commitment and I don’t want to assume your continued goodwill.”  Continue reading »

Dec 052013

Members.1Membership Secretary Michael Tidbury reports:

In September 2013 the number of HAP UK & Ireland members reached 300 for the first time.

A new database and online membership facilities have been developed over the past couple of years.

Benefits have included personalised email donation receipts, an annual email membership reminder and a range of management information which has never before been available to Trustees to support decision making.

HAP membership donations provide the underpinning income for all of HAP’s work, and therefore retention of members year-on-year is as important as signing up new members. In 2012 we sent out our first membership reminder and the retention rate increased by more than ten percent. Continue reading »

Nov 262013


Dear Colleagues

In 2012 HAP UK & Ireland asked for EMDR Consultants to support the project in Bosnia-Herzegovina by providing EMDR supervision via skype to participants on the HAP training.

We had a good number of volunteers and supervisees and supervisors were matched after Part 2 EMDR Training in Sarajevo.

This contribution has made a marked difference to both the motivation and confidence of trainees and when they attended Part 3 of the training they were impressive in both their knowledge and experience of using EMDR with clients.  The majority are now continuing their supervision and we hope that many will go on to accreditation.

There are now 3 EMDR Accredited Practitioners and recently the EMDR Association of Bosnia-Herzegovina was founded.  These are both major achievements in the project to date.

We now need more volunteers for an exciting new project in the Middle East and the 3rd cohort of trainees in Bosnia!!! Continue reading »

Feb 182013

For those who don’t have immediate access to Sian Morgan’s (HAP UK&I President) new article in the BACP’s Therapy Today about the charity’s work, here’s a downloadable file, posted with kind permission from Sarah Browne, the journal’s editor.

Sian helpfully sets out the background to EMDR in general – useful especially for BACP readers who may have heard of this therapy but have only a hazy idea what it is.

The article also describes how HAP UK&I has been taking the training with notable success to territories as diverse as Pakistan, New Zealand and Bosnia-Hercegovina in the Balkans - information we’ve now got posted here on the HAP UK&I website.

HAP UK Therapy Today Article Feb 2013


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